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An Overview of of APTA Certification

The Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA), formerly known as the Bangkok Agreement, is a preferential trade agreement between developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The agreement was first signed in 1975 and has since been amended several times.

Objective of APTA

The main objective of APTA is to promote and facilitate trade among its member countries through the reduction of tariffs and the removal of other trade barriers. The agreement covers a wide range of products, including agricultural products, textiles, and other manufactured goods.

Benefits of APTA

APTA member countries benefit from the agreement by having improved market access

for their goods in other member countries. This can lead to increased trade, investment, and economic growth, as well as greater regional integration.

Member countries of APTA

The current members of APTA are:

  • Bangladesh

  • China

  • India

  • Republic of Korea

  • Lao People's Democratic Republic

  • Sri Lanka

The agreement is open to other developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and negotiations are ongoing to expand its membership.

In summary, the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement is a preferential trade agreement among developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region aimed at promoting and facilitating trade among its member countries.

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