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An Overview of AD Code Registration

AD code registration is a process for registering an Advance Authorisation (AD) code with the Indian customs authorities. An Advance Authorisation is a type of export promotion scheme provided by the Indian government to allow Indian companies to import raw materials and other inputs without paying customs duties, with the aim of boosting exports.

Process of Registration

To obtain an AD code, an Indian company must first register with the Indian customs authorities. The registration process typically involves submitting a formal application along with supporting documentation, such as company registration certificates, bank statements, and other relevant information.

Once the application is approved, the company will be issued an AD code, which is a unique identifier that must be quoted on all future applications for Advance Authorisations. The AD code is an important element of the Advance Authorisation scheme, as it allows the customs authorities to track and monitor the imports and exports of the company.

In summary, AD code registration is the process of registering for an Advance Authorisation code with the Indian customs authorities. The AD code is a unique identifier that allows the customs authorities to track and monitor the imports and exports of Indian companies under the Advance Authorisation scheme.

Benefits of AD Code Registraton

  • Duty-free imports: Companies with an AD code are eligible to import raw materials, components, and other inputs for their manufacturing processes without paying customs duties, which can result in significant cost savings.

  • Improved competitiveness: By reducing the cost of inputs, companies with an AD code can become more competitive in the global market, as they are able to offer their products at lower prices.

  • Boosted exports: The Advance Authorisation scheme is aimed at promoting exports, and companies with an AD code can benefit from this by using the raw materials and inputs they import duty-free to manufacture products for export.

  • Simplified customs procedures: Companies with an AD code are eligible for simplified customs procedures, which can result in faster clearance times and reduced bureaucracy.

  • Increased access to global markets: By obtaining an AD code, Indian companies can increase their access to global markets, as they can import the inputs they need to manufacture products for export.

How we can help in AD Code Registration

We have a top-notch professional team providing a hassle-free and error-free Online AD Code Registration Service in India. Our experts have been completing 1000+ AD Code Registration and staying up to date with DGFT's new registration procedures every day since 2014. So, we render you the best AD Code Registration that is DGFT compliant.

Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries make up our diverse teams of specialists. Over the years, we have been dealing with a wide variety of financial services, including export-import, business compliances, taxation, and accounting issues in India. Also, Our service is affordable.

It's your turn to kick start your import-export business with entire legal formalities. Our team is always here to guide you with your export import business at every step while you grow.

Benefits of AD code registration

An AD Code is absolutely essential to the export process for the following reasons:

  • A Shipping Bill is one of three mandatory documents required for export customs clearance. And without an AD Code registration, you cannot generate a Shipping Bill on Icegate, Indian Customs’ electronic data interchange platform.

  • An AD Code registration with customs ensures that any government benefits you avail of – duty rebates and exemptions, GST (Goods and Services Tax) refunds, etc – are credited directly to your current account.    

Can I Modify my AD code online?

You can modify your AD code online. Go to ICEGATE and follow the following steps:-

  • On the Authorized Dealer Code Registration dashboard, select the location and click Modify Account.

  • On the Modify Account panel, select bank name, put IRN, AD code, and ICEGATE code, then click Save Changes.

  • If inputs are correct, a 6-digit OTP is sent to the registered email and mobile for verification. Once it is verified, the request will be processed officially.

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