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AD Code Registration

The AD code refers to the Authorised Dealer Code. An AD Code is a unique code assigned to entities by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in India. These entities are authorized by the RBI to deal in foreign exchange transactions, such as banks and financial institutions.

The AD Code is used for identifying the authorized dealer in foreign exchange when engaging in various transactions, including imports, exports, and other international trade and financial activities. It is an essential component of documentation required for foreign exchange transactions in India.

AD Code (Sample)

  • What is AD Code ?

  • Use of AD Code Registration

  • Documents required for AD Code Registration

  • AD Code Registration Fees

  • AD Code Registration Process

  • How To Register AD Code ?

  • AD Code Registration process online

Importance and Benefits of AD Code Registration

  • Its mandatory for exporters to create certificate of origin and to attach with export invoice to avoid any shipment problem. SAFTA certificate proves the origin of goods imported in any country.

  • This Certificate is essential for exporters for tax exemption benefits. Because of this certificate exporters can sell the product with low tax. Result the export of goods increases. 

  • These certificate proves the country of origin of the goods so that the exporters and importers may be eligible for the benefits for in the country of exports.

  • These certificates increases the sales and give preference to the exporter holding SAFTA certificate. Importer require to pay lesser tax tariff on showing SAFTA Certificate at the time of clearance.

Types of Certificate of Origin

Preferential Certificate of Origin:

Issued to declare that the goods qualify for preferential treatment under specific trade agreement or preference program.

Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin:

It simply certifies the origin of the goods without entitling them to preferential treatment. Issued for countries that do not have preferential trade agreements.

Documents required for SAFTA

Digital Signature Certificate (Embedded IEC Code)

Email ID

Mobile Number

Export Invoice

Purchase invoice having complete details of origin of goods/ Consumables used in export goods

Products details

Purchase order from Importer

DSC Software

Declaration from exporter

Updated Import Export Code

GST Certificate


Procedure of Certificate of Origin


Creation of Digital Signature Certificate​

Account creation with Digital Signature Certificate​

Fill the different form for certificate of origin

Filing of application with the export department

Upload the necessary documents

Issuance of Certificate of Origin in 1-2 business days

SAFTA Registration Fees

Number #
SAFTA Registration
Government Fees
Exporter Registration Fees (One Time)
Application Filing Fees

Trade Agreement signed by India

There are multiple free and preferential Trade Agreement option where certificate of origin can be generated from India for import benefits to importers.

SAFTA - South Asia Free Trade Agreement
ICPTA - India Chile Preferential Trade Agreement
IKCEPA - India Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
IJCEPA - India Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
ISFTA - India Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement
SAPTA - SAARC Preferential Trade Agreement
IMCECA - India Malaysia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
APTA - Asia Pacific Trade Agreement
GSP - Generalized System of Preferences
AIFTA - ASEAN India Free Trade Agreement
GSTP - Global System of Trade Preferences
ISCECA - India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

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