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AD Code Registration

AD Code (Sample)

The AD code refers to the Authorised Dealer Code. An AD Code is a unique code assigned to entities by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in India. These entities are authorized by the RBI to deal in foreign exchange transactions, such as banks and financial institutions.

The AD Code is used for identifying the authorized dealer in foreign exchange when engaging in various transactions, including imports, exports, and other international trade and financial activities. It is an essential component of documentation required for foreign exchange transactions in India.

  • What is AD Code ?

  • Use of AD Code Registration

  • Documents required for AD Code Registration

  • AD Code Registration Fees

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  • How To Register AD Code ?

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Importance and Benefits of AD Code Registration

  • AD code registration is mandatory for custom clearance in custom office at the time of export.

  • AD code registration offers the advantage of having government benefits, incentives, or subsidies directly deposited into the exporter’s bank account.

  • Generating a shipping bill is crucial for customs clearance during import-export operations. Without a registered AD code, traders will face obstacles in generating the shipping bill. AD code is a unique identifier that links the trader’s details with customs authorities and facilitates smooth customs clearance procedures. 

  • AD code registration allows the government to monitor and track foreign currency trades. This helps ensure transparency and stability in the economy by enabling authorities to record foreign exchange transactions conducted by importers and exporters.

Simplifying Import-Export Processes

                       Understanding and obtaining an AD code is crucial for startups and businesses entering the import-export arena. By generating an AD code, dealers can enjoy a hassle-free import-export process, as it is a standardized identification for engaging in foreign trade activities. Additionally, AD code registration helps the government maintain a comprehensive record of dealers involved in international trade, contributing to effective regulation and oversight.

In summary, the AD code is paramount in the import-export business. It enables the government to track foreign currency transactions, ensures compliance with customs requirements for customs clearance, facilitates direct deposit of government benefits, and simplifies import-export processes for traders. By familiarizing themselves with the AD code and its functionalities, importers and exporters can optimize their trade operations and contribute to a well-regulated and thriving international trade environment.

Documents required for AD Code

Bank Letter for AD Code

Company PAN with seal & signature

IEC certificate with seal & signature

GST certificate with seal & signature

A canceled cheque from the company’s bank account bearing the company’s name

Class 3 Digital Signature

Authorisation letter

Board resolution

PAN & aadhar of authorised person

Email id and mobile number


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Procedure of AD code registration


Visit Your Business Bank

Submit an Application

Obtain the AD Code Letter

AD Code Registration for Each Exporting Port

Upload the necessary documents

Issuance of Certificate of Origin in 4-5 business days

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